Concept – More than a Premium Kit Car


FRS Arrow kit car racing

The Arrow has been designed to provide a comprehensive self-build racing car with outstanding performance and value. The Arrow’s sophistication and speed are ideal for drivers looking to upgrade to a challenging sports car formula. The forgiving driving characteristics combined with full and partial build assistance services make the Arrow highly accessible for drivers new to circuit racing, particularly from a karting background.

Where can I race the Arrow?

The aim of the Arrow is to create a competitive standalone championship with our partner, the 750 Motor Club. While we are busy building enough cars to make this happen, the sports specials formula has been selected as the ideal championship for the Arrow to flex its muscles. Sport specials is intended to allow many different designs of limited run 2 seater sports cars to compete together. This formula includes many higher priced vehicles with superior BHP than the Arrow, but the smart design of this sophisticated racer has allowed the Arrow to run consistently in the top half of the grid. The Arrow will be granted its own class within the sports specials category as soon as we are represented with 5 cars. To find out more, please visit the 750 motor club website.

750 motorclub sports specials