1. What colours does the Arrow come in?
Any colour you want. The body panels are provided in an easy-sand gel coat and just need normal preparation before spraying to your desired racing livery.
Arrow Racing Car 2
2. What else do I need other than a fiesta and the core parts kit?
The kit excludes;

  • Nuts, Bolts and Fastenings.
  • Items of personal choice such as seat, belts, extinguisher, instruments & mirrors. Some of these are offered in our optional parts listed on our website.
  • You will need to cut ally panels to rivet to the chassis to form the bulkheads, floor and radiator surround. The more cost conscious builder can cut these from ally sheet themselves, but our optional parts also includes a set of pre-cut and folded panels.
  • Full diagrams are included in the build manual for all wiring but a loom is not included in the Core parts kit. This will be added to the optional parts list shortly.

3. How fast is the Arrow?
The most common question! As everyone driving on a circuit knows the straights are never long enough for any car to reach its maximum speed. At Snetterton the rev counter at the end of the straight was over 6000 in 5th which is ~125mph.
4. How much are the parts if I take a front corner off?
Assuming that the fibreglass body can be repaired, the cost of the upright, wishbones, pull rod & steering arm would come to about £330.
5. Is the Arrow road legal?
The car is designed to run at 80mm ground clearance for race or track day so you would need to adjust the suspension to give more ground clearance. The suspension geometry should accommodate this but the rear diffuser would have to be modified because of the panhard rod. Other than that the Arrow would have to be checked against the requirements of the IVA just like any kit car.
6. I don't know about engine building. What can I do
The specification of the Arrow engine is defined so that a standard engine in good order can be used without a detailed rebuild. However there is a need to fit the specially designed camshafts, sump and flywheel.  FRS offer a fitting service for these parts which will include accurate cam timing without relying on the standard timing slots. Available from our shop here
7. Who can set up the adjustable suspension?
The suspension is provided with a number of adjustable features. The exact setting for any particular driver is a matter of choice but our comprehensive build manual gives settings that we know work. If you do not have the equipment to setup the car many race teams can do this for you and in the shop FRS also offer this service here

Have a question about the FRS Arrow? Please send us a message through to contact page.