FRS Arrow is now for sale

Would you like to be a kit car manufacturer? A modern mid engine Kit car with a proven race performance based on widely available Fiesta components.

At the age of 69 it is time for me to pass on the project to someone who has the drive for the future. With a few minor changes this could be a car for the road or an ideal sprint/hillclimb car with its exceptional traction. Professional Moulds are included as is a range of Jigs for the chassis, suspension and other parts. There is also a set of parts to to build your first car

  • New powder coated Chassis
  • New Set of body panels
  • New Set of suspension
  • Uprights Front & Rear
  • Fuel Tank & radiator
  • Wheels and tyres
  • A running Zetec SE engine
  • various used Duratec engines & Ford IB5 Fiesta Gearboxes
  • Emerald ECU and much more in the way of components.
  • Suspension design details
  • ECU programs for either the ZetecSE or Duratec engines
  • Complete WordPress website

I will not be responding to requests of “is it still available” or “Whats your best price”. If you are serious I am sure you will want to talk about details and view the parts on offer. Please call me for discussion on 07810 867650. or Email

Detailed Photographs of Jigs and Moulds are available here