Joint marketing agreement with 750 Motor Club

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The 750MC has announced a partnership with new race car constructor, FRS to promote a new racing category based around the FRS produced Arrow sports car. Drawing on the experience of its many successes in building new formulae, the 750 Motor Club will support FRS with their promotional efforts during 2014 to help ensure this exciting new design becomes an important constituent of the club’s future portfolio of racing formulae.

Competitions Manager, Giles Groombridge said ” We see great potential for the Arrow as a one make championship, the cars have over 300bhp/tonne so performance is very good, whilst the carefully selected donor parts mean the cars are excellent value for money, especially if an owner decides to build the car themselves.”

FRS Director, John Moore said “I have been a member of 750 Motor Club for more years than I care to remember so I am delighted in the partnership we have formed. We have already struck a deal with Allied Motorsport to take the second chassis who will not only provide arrive-and-drive services but offer a build service for other customers.”